Skin Flowers

Live body painting is a very original way to animate events. This association devoted to promote flowers in Dubai requested one of our artists to do a live performance directly on the visitors skins.
The public (especially women) very appreciated this animation where they were able to ask any flowers they wanted on their body. It was a very successful intervention but people had to be very understanding because each piece took around 15 minutes : the price of beauty !
We love that kind of live personalization where quality and esthetic are the more important things. We used for that service a very soft paint to preserve delicate skins.

Truly, we have been able to observe a universal fact, whatever the period or the country where we are requested. Women have a very special relationship with the world of plants and flowers. Each of the women who presented themselves to us had a particular sensitivity to this or that flower. Each had its own story, but no one was indifferent to the flowers, its aesthetics, personality … We were even quite surprised by the variety of favorite flowers of Dubai’s women.
While we thought we would be under an avalanche of orders of roses, we could see that the sensibilities were fairly well distributed (the nature does things well!). We were quite surprised by the success of Peonies, Sunflowers, Hortensia or Hibiscus.
We love to use natural and floral elements in our creations because we are convinced that Dubai is a city that absolutely needs spaces using flowers and vegetations. We could easily imagine floral artistic productions in the most artificial spaces of this unmissable and spectacular city of the Middle East.

ClientFlowers Association of DubaïServicesLive Body paintingYear2017